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About us

We carefully monitor the economic processes in China

We are a team of experts in the field of economics and business, ready to share our observations with you, our main focus is the stock and currency markets of China

Why China?

Why is it important to keep an eye on China’s economy?

World Leader in Manufacturing

China is the undisputed world leader in manufacturing. The study of economic indicators gives you direct access to global trends and investment opportunities.

Growing Domestic Market

China is also a huge domestic market (more than a billion consumers) – this is a huge opportunity for companies looking to expand their influence.

Technological innovation

China is the world center of innovation, and this is a new opportunity for cooperation and investment.

Geopolitical Influence

China plays an important role in world politics and economics. Its influence extends to countries and regions around the world.

Our Approach to Economic Research

We research its economics and performance to help you make informed decisions.


We analyze key macroeconomic indicators to understand the overall state of the economy.


In-depth examination of various sectors to determine their roles and prospects.

International Relations

We explore global trade relationships and foreign economic activities.

International Relations

Analysis of legislative changes and regulatory measures.

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Latest news from our research

We regularly publish here our articles and research. You can also get acquainted with new economic terms and concepts.

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